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    Chemical Peel

    Chemical peeling is a skin-resurfacing process. Chemical solution is applied on the skin to remove the upper layer of skin. Chemical peels are mainly used to treat wrinkles and scars. Reduce black spots, pimples and improves skin texture.

    Botox and Fillers

    Ageing problems like wrinkles ruins the beauty, but don’t worry as you can choose Botox or Dermal Fillers and get your problems solved via best anti-ageing treatment by a dermatologist.

    Hair Transplant

    Excessive hair fall can create baldness problem and this problem is faced by many people all over the world, be it male or female. Get rid of your baldness problem forever with Mediskin Skin Clinic.


    Mesotherapy is a non-invasive non-surgical technique that uses micro-injections of pharmaceutical, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients. Only an experience dermatologist can take care of it.


    Hair thinning problems can be solved by PRP therapy. This therapy is the best for hair growth and thickening hair. Have best PRP therapy sessions at Mediskin by best dermatologist in Jaipur Dr. Venkatesh Purohit

    Ear Lobe Repair

    The earlobe hole gets widened over time due to the regular use of heavy earrings. The surgical treatment is painful & leaves stitch marks. Consult Best Dermato-surgeon Dr. Venkatesh Purohit today.

    Hair Reduction

    Unwanted hair may cause social discomfort and unease. Take the world’s most advanced laser hair reduction treatment to get rid of unwanted hair in just a few sessions.

    Nail Surgeries

    Ingrown toenails are common and usually treatable without surgery. However, in severe cases, people may need a small medical procedure to treat an ingrown toenail.

    Vampire Facial

    Vampire Facial is a method opted for making skin healthy and reverting your age back by mesoporation. Consult Dr. Venkatesh Purohit for best skin care solution in Jaipur.

    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involved with both the improvement in a person’s appearance and the reconstruction of facial and body tissue defects caused by various reasons.

    Mole Removal Treatment

    Moles are normal skin growths that are black in color. They are not contagious. If they get bigger, they appear non-pleasing to the eyes. Opt for Advanced Laser Mole Removal Treatment to get rid of moles.

    Surgery for Acne Scar

    Acne is a spot that forms on the face, back or the chest. Acne can be caused by an oily skin. Symptoms are redness and inflammation of the skin, which can be painful at the same time.

    Treatment For Eczema

    Eczema & Atopic dermatitis are conditions that make your skin red and itchy. It can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting and tends to flare. Get it treated by best dermatologist in jaipur Dr. Venkatesh Purohit.

    Skin Care Consultation

    Let’s have a deep dive into your skin, looking at the bigger picture. We’ll discuss about the factors that could affect your skin. Consult for best skin care solution in Jaipur, stress, hormonal changes, diet, gut health and sleep,etc.

    Pigmentation Treatment

    Pigmentation disorder is a condition in which skin changes the color due to increased Melanin in cells. Mediskin offers best skin care solution in jaipur for pigmentation such as chemical peel & laser toning etc.

    HydraFacial Treatment

    HydraFacial Treatment at Mediskin delivers great results, so everyday more and more people are including it to their facial skincare routine.

    Mediskin is a best dermatology & skin care clinic in Gopalpura, Jaipur

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