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    Laser Tattoo Removal in Jaipur

    Painless Laser Tattoo Removal in Jaipur - Dr Venkatesh Purohit

    Getting a tattoo nowadays is a rage among men and women. But sometimes, they are not happy with their tattoo and wish to remove it. Removing a tattoo is more complicated than getting one. Fortunately, at Mediksin Clinic, we offer laser tattoo removal in Jaipur, a safe and effective way to erase unwanted tattoos. Our Dermatology clinic is well-known for its high-quality services and results. 

    Dr. Venkatesh Purohit, a trusted and well-known skin specialist in Jaipur, founded our clinic. Patients from far and near come to him for his knowledge and skills. His commitment to perfection and determination to excel make him a perfect and reliable choice for skin treatments in Jaipur.

    Overview of Laser Tattoo Removal

    Laser tattoo removal in Jaipur through Mediskin Clinic is one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of removing tattoos.

    Lasers remove tattoos by using a high-intensity light beam to break up the pigment color. All laser wavelengths are absorbed by the black tattoo ink, making it the easiest color to fix. We can treat other colors with specific lasers, which are determined by the pigment color.

    Dr. Venaktesh Purohit, an experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist, will first assess your tattoo and advise you on the procedure. Your tattoo’s size, age, and color will determine the number of treatments you will require. Further, the removal procedure will be influenced by the color of your skin as well as the depth of the tattoo pigment.

    At Mediskin Clinic, we believe in using a personalized approach for each patient. We remove most of the tattoos using Q-switched Nd: YAG and Alexandrite laser treatment as it is safe for Indian skin. 

    What is the procedure for laser tattoo removal in Jaipur?

    Given below is the step-by-step procedure we use at our clinic for laser tattoo removal in Jaipur City.

    At the start of the treatment, we will give you protective eye shields and numb your treatment area with a local anesthetic.

    • To select the most effective energy for treatment, we will first check your skin’s response to the laser.
    • Then we will use the laser to transmit pulses of powerful light through your skin’s top layers, which the tattoo pigment will only absorb.
    • Smaller tattoos will need fewer pulses, whereas larger tattoos will require more. After each session, your tattoo should become lighter.


    The overall treatment time varies considerably from one person to another. In general, laser tattoo removal in Jaipur takes six to eight sessions. For the best results, you will need an interval of six to eight weeks between sessions.

    Recovery and Aftercare

    After your laser tattoo removal in Jaipur, Dr. Venkatesh will provide you with precise advice for aftercare. Following each session, apply antibiotic ointment to your skin for several days. It will aid in the healing of your skin while also reducing the chance of infection. 

    For the next two weeks at least:

    • Keep the treatment area dry and clean.
    • Refrain from picking on blisters and scabs.
    • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
    • Keep the treated area out of direct sunlight.

    What are the side effects of laser tattoo removal?

    Some of the side effects of laser tattoo removal are:

    • Blisters
    • Redness
    • Scabs
    • Tenderness
    • Swelling
    • Hypopigmentation
    • Hyperpigmentation 

    Why choose Dr. Venkatesh Purohit for laser tattoo removal in Jaipur?

    • Dr. Venkatesh is a leading cosmetologist and dermatologist in Jaipur, Having an experience of 12+ years.
    • He is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists leprologists and Venereologists and the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons (India).
    • At Mediksin, we have the most advanced lasers that help us deliver safe and effective treatments.
    • Furthermore, the cost of laser tattoo removal in Jaipur at Mediskin Clinic clinic is affordable. It will depend on the color, size, and age of your tattoo.


    In conclusion, Mediskin Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesh Purohit, provides a personalized and reliable approach to laser tattoo removal in Jaipur, ensuring quality results and patient satisfaction.

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