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    What nail conditions can be corrected / cured from toenail surgery?

    1. Ingrown Toenail
    2. Infected Toenail
    3. Deformed Toenail
    4. Thick Toenail
    5. Painful Toenail

    Is Toenail Surgery painful?

    In Mediskin, Toenail Surgery is carried out painlessly under local anesthetic under expert guidance from Dr. Venkatesh Purohit, best Dermatologist in Jaipur, Rajsthan.

    What does it involve?

    In-grown, infected or deformed nail is removed by a simple surgery and a special chemical is applied on that area to prevent that in-grown or deformed nail growing back again. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the whole nail depending upon the degree of problem it is causing.

    When can I start working again?

    The patient can usually resume working from the next day onwards. You simply need to remember to keep your surgery area protected.

    How long does it take to heal completely?

    It usually heals completely over a period of 4 – 8 weeks if the patient follows all the advice from the doctor. Over this period the patient needs to revisit to the clinic for re-dressings and to ensure everything is healing well.

    Never ever try to do nail removal by yourself or by taking help from any unprofessional hand. It can cause permanent damage of your nail / finger and create immense pain. Always consult a professionally qualified experienced doctor like Dr. Venkatesh Purohit regarding any nail surgery to get proper treatment and post surgery care. Mdiskin, under the direct super vision of Dr. Venkatesh Purohit, the most renowned cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur, Rajasthan provides the professional care for any types of nail problem.

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